This Meme Perfectly Describes One of the Most Toxic Instagram Practices

If you’ve ever been a victim of this prevalent misconduct on Instagram, you’ll surely find comfort in this meme.

It’s time once more for us to share with you all our recent finds on Reddit. This time, we have a meme that accurately describes one of the most toxic behaviors on Instagram. We’re sure a lot of you have fallen victim to this nefarious act, so have a laugh before scouring your account for people who have done this and unfollow them as well.

Thanks to Redditor Obscurial_gg, we can all finally bring this to light and call out all Instagrammers who are engaging in this ugly stuff. And of course, laugh a little about it in the midst of how annoying it is. Whether you’ve been a victim of this follow-unfollow scheme that’s been going on for God knows how long, at least get some comfort that there’s a special place for them in the depths of “the boiler room of hell.”

Yep, all the way down, it assures us.

Whether you’ve just discovered that you’ve fallen victim to this scheme or it’s been happening to you quite a lot, it’s sad to say that this is a common tactic by some unscrupulous individuals to up their Instagram followers. Sure, Instagram is pretty much an algorithm and numbers game now, and influencers especially need those followers up if they want to keep getting clients, but that’s no excuse for being a complete jerk on the platform. Gone are the days when you’d follow someone simply because you like what’s on their feed and you’d like to see more in the future. Now, there are people who are more concerned about getting more followers and keeping the numbers for that higher as compared to the number of people they follow.

To make it extra annoying, there’s no way of knowing whether someone who followed you on Instagram will unfollow you once you follow back. I once had someone who kept following and unfollowing me almost everyday, as if he’s getting me to take the bait and follow him. I took this to be a possible sign that this Instagrammer is a serial follow-unfollow-er. But then, that’s just pure speculation.

It’s not the only shady thing happening on Instagram, though. There are also people who participate in pods or groups that “game” the platform’s algorithm — all for getting more follows and higher engagement.

So yeah, I find this meme hilarious, accurate, and somewhat comforting. I’m sure I’m not the only one!