Never Before Seen Photos of Peter Gabriel in Bath by Clive Arrowsmith to Be Featured in a Limited Edition Book

Now seeking funding on Kickstarter, ‘Peter Gabriel Reflections: Photographs by Clive Arrowsmith’ will be published next month in conjunction with an exhibit that will open in December.

Throughout his illustrious, decades-long career, internationally acclaimed British photographer Clive Arrowsmith (FRPS) has photographed some of the world’s biggest icons – Sir Paul McCartney, Prince Charles, Michael Caine, Helena Bonham Carter, Prince, and the Dalai Lama, to name a few.

In 1978, Clive trained his lenses on musician Peter Gabriel who, at the time, had just left the band Genesis and was about to launch what would be a successful solo career. Several architectural locations in the city of Bath, England served as their backdrop, including the Abbey and Roman Baths near Solsbury Hill.

This marked the second time the duo worked together, the first being in the early ‘70s, and was said to “pursue a more surrealistic and intimate vision than their first…”

These previously unseen images will finally be unveiled in a book, Peter Gabriel Reflections: Photographs by Clive Arrowsmith, as well as in an exhibit, all spearheaded by the Museum of Bath Architecture.

According to information printed on the book’s Kickstarter campaign page, the photos will be accompanied by an introduction by the exhibit’s curator, Tim Beale, and text by Clive recalling his time with Peter.

Peter Gabriel Reflections: Photographs by Clive Arrowsmith is due to go to print next month while the exhibit opens on December 1, 2018 and will run until February 3, 2019. We feel that this book would be a cool addition to the collections of fans of Clive or Peter, or both, or of music and photography in general.

But do hurry! You only have until November 8 to make your pledge, so do swing by Kickstarter now to find out more about the book, of which only 1,000 copies will be made.

Image of Peter Gabriel in Bath by Clive Arrowsmith via Kickstarter.