Here’s Your Chance to Snag the Gorgeous Brown Fujifilm X100F!

Yes Fujifilm fans and X-photographers, the much-awaited Fujifilm X100F in brown is coming to the US very soon.

If you’re among those who have been drooling at the earlier reported Fujifilm X100F in brown, you’ll be delighted to know it’s finally set to be available here in the US. Better ready your wallets in time for the pre-order opening in early November!

Photo Rumors recently gave the heads up for the availability of the gorgeous brown Fujifilm X100F. According to their report, the pre-orders will open on November 11th via Adorama and B&H Photo, which both have it listed at $1,299. From the looks of it, the new photos they shared are also the official promotional photos already.

This may not be news for those who already have the X100F in the original black version. But for those who don’t have it yet and have been wishing for a brown leather version, looks like the time is right to finally get one!



To fan the fires and fuel the GAS of everyone lusting over this version, here’s Take Kayo, who runs the bigheadtaco YouTube channel, doing an unboxing of the brown X100F he got some months ago:

Based on his video, looks like this version was only limited to certain countries (like Canada in his case). He also did mention in the description that this is a limited edition Fujifilm X100F. It’s essentially the same camera with a different leather covering. He describes the leather (or leather-like) material to feel much nicer than the “weird, hard, slippery faux black leather that has been on every X100 camera.” Those of you who are getting it for sure, don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Again, prepare your $1,299 and mark your calendars for the brown Fujifilm X100F pre-order opening on November 11th on Adorama and B&H Photo.

Photos via Photo Rumors