Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Jeff Rojas

At Adorama’s Event Space, photographer Jeff Rojas spoke a whole lot about the business side of portrait photography.

To a packed crowd at the Adorama Event Space, experienced photographer Jeff Rojas educated a crowd on how he thinks as a photographer–and first and foremost he’s all about business and the interpersonal connection. Jeff stated that he barely touches his camera when he’s with a subject. In fact, he spends most of the time talking with them and forming a connection instead of actually shooting. According to Jeff, this helps him figure out ideas, cut down on the images he needs to take, gain a rapport with his subjects, and make it easier for both him and them to work together.

In today’s world of tons of tutorials, there isn’t a whole lot of conversation going on.

To Jeff, gear doesn’t really matter as much as creative vision and connection with the people being photographing. But in addition to that, you always need to be driven to go forward. In fact, he tries to surround himself only with folks who are pushing themselves forward because the effect tends to rub off on him. In the past few years, Jeff has had quite a journey being an assistant and manager to becoming a photographer himself and consulting larger companies within the photography world.

We hope you enjoy the broadcast we did on Facebook live. Tune in for the next one.