Wine Country Camera Introduces Affordable Blackstone ND Circular Filters

If you’ve lusted after Wine Country Camera’s high end filters, this is news you’ve been waiting for!

Wine Country Camera, the boutique filter systems manufacturer known for making high-end camera filters and filter holders, just announced that they will be offering their Blackstone ND filters in circular sizes. This means that Wine Country’s Blackstone ND filter technology can now be had at a much lower price point. Made using the latest Vapor Deposition Coating technology, Wine Country Camera’s premium Blackstone ND filter line offers advancements over competing, traditionally dye-based ND filters which are known to sometimes cause color cast.

First generation vapor deposition coated ND filters were able to mitigate color casting issues for the most part, but weren’t able to resolve it for high-megapixel cameras without causing diffusion in the final image. Wine Country Camera employed the latest generation of vapor deposition coating when making the Blackstone ND filters, claiming the filters to be both perfectly neutral across all light spectrums (including UV and IR), and able to resolve images with zero diffusion effect. Blackstone ND filters were extensively tested using Phase One’s 100+ megapixel cameras, exhibiting zero loss of resolution or sharpness. Since Blackstone ND filters are neutral across all spectrums (UV and IR included), they are technically full spectrum IRND filters. Full spectrum ND filters are capable of blocking out infrared radiation that can cause blotches of magenta and brown to appear in dark areas of an image instead of being pure black.

Made using Schott ultra-white glass, which has a crystal-like appearance and offers extremely high transmittance across the visible light spectrum, Blackstone ND circular filters feature an extremely flat, fire polished surface which elminate surface imperfections that would otherwise result in visible distortions. Built on super-high quality 8mm thin, stackable aluminum rings, Wine Country Camera will be offering Blackstone ND circular filters in 3, 6, and 10 stop densities in popular filter sizes ranging from 49mm to 105mm. Filters 82mm and smaller will come in padded carry cases while filters 86mm and larger will come in padded nylon pouches. Start at US$51, the new Blackstone ND circular filters are available now at their Wine Country Camera’s website.