The Interfit Badger Unleashed Does HSS and TTL Flash for $349.99

The Badger Unleashed is Interfit’s answer for photographers looking for a more portable version of the Honey Badger Monolight. 

Following the success of the Honey Badger Monolight, Interfit has just announced the Badger Unleased, a 250Ws battery-powered flash with HSS and TTL. This new offering drops the constraints of the AC power cable and is instead powered by a 2900mAh battery. With its compact form factor and cable-free portability, the Badger Unleashed is poised to be a capable shooting companion for photographers on the go.

According to Interfit, the Badger Unleashed is their direct response to customer requests for a light that combines the compact form factor of the Honey Badger and the mobility and high-tech functionality of the S1. To make this happen, they packed 250Ws of power, a 15W LED modeling lamp, and an in-line battery into a small body. To make it the most versatile Badger yet, they also threw in HSS and TTL in addition to a new stroboscopic mode.

Here’s a rundown of the main features of this new battery-powered flash from Interfit:

Built-In Battery Power: Equipped with a 2900mAh battery offering cable-free portability, 430 full-power flashes, and a 90-minute recharge time from flat to full.

Compact Form Factor: The Badger Unleashed weighs in at under 4 lbs, measures 5” wide (6” including the outer ring), and 8” deep from the back panel to the edge of the protective cap.

Extended Power Range: 9-stop power range, the same as the S1, and two more stops than the original Hon­ey Badger. Power can be adjusted from 250Ws down to 1Ws in 1/10th of a stop increments for  precise exposure.

Fast Recycle Time: Best-in-class full-power recycle time, at an impressive 1.5 seconds.

HSS and TTL: HSS enables shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second, while TTL metering automatically adjusts flash power to create an accurate exposure. TTL mode also pro­vides +/- 3 stops of  exposure compensation.

LED Modeling Lamp: The 15W LED modeling lamp produces 1250 Lumens, and can be used as a con­tinuous light source for both photo and video applications. The Daylight-Balanced LED can be  adjusted proportionate to the flash power, or set straight to full power.

Built-in Radio Receiver: Features a built-in radio receiver that is compatible with all Interfit TTL and manual remotes.  This allows full control over the light’s power range, flash mode, model­ing lamp, and beep function.

Versatile Modifier Mount: Uses the popular Bowens® S-Type modifier mount, making it compatible with all your  favorite Interfit modifiers. Made popular by the original Honey Badger, the Badger Unleashed also features a built-in pop-up softbox ring.

Glass Dome Diffuser: Includes a frosted glass dome diffuser that protects the flash tube and helps to spread light evenly throughout larger modifiers.

Think you could use the Badger Unleashed for your next shoot? Pre-orders for the Badger Unleashed Flash Head at $349.99 and Spare 2900mAh Li-Ion Battery are now open through the Interfit website and most photo retailers. Shipping is set for early November 2018.