Rebeca Camino Makes Dreamy Conceptual “Illusion” Natural Light Portraits

All images by Rebeca Camino. Used with Creative Commons permission.

A significant portion of portrait photographers hold a strong preference for natural light portraits over studio setups, for a good reason. It allows you to shoot right at the comfort of your home or on location without the need to set up any equipment other than your camera. There’s also often more than one way to play with the available light, as we’ll see in this beautiful set of creative portraits by Spanish photographer Rebeca Camino.

One of the recent photographers who caught our eye for her creative portraits, Camino’s style may be described as simple, clean, and emotive. But her use of natural light is certainly one of the most sought after styles of aspiring portrait photographers today, and it’s easy to see why. Sample her natural light portraits with the Illusion set will surely be enough explanation.

In Illusion, we see her working on several different narratives which she presents using different props, interesting poses, and even with the way light hits the space she shot in. All of the photos in these set have an emotive feel and look to them to begin with, but what’s interesting is how the natural light plays a big part to communicate this quality. For example, we see that clean look created by the diffused, more even lighting in some shots, and the bright and airy look in the photos shot close to or against the windows. The most distinct use of natural light in this set, however, is shown in the shots where she used the golden light coming through the window to cast patterns of light and shadows on her model. This makes everything extra moody and emotive, and even delicate in some shots.

Bonus shots in Illusion include Camino’s use of mirrors, which also produces dreamy and interesting imagery in itself. Do visit Rebeca Camino’s Behance portfolio to see more of her beautiful natural light portraits.