Wanted: Your Impressive and Inspiring Photography

Got a photography project that you’re really proud of? Now is your chance to get the word out about your work with an interview feature!

Our team is always on the look out for the most impressive and inspiring photography out there. For every project we come across and feature, there’s surely more we’ve yet to discover. So if you’ve got a project and are ready to tell the story behind it, step right up and find out how you can get featured.


– Subject line of your email should be: Photography Submission: (Your name here)

– Shoot an email at editors[at]thephoblographer[dot]com. You’ll also probably notice the little call to feature you on the sidebar.

– Describe yourself as a photographer. Think about the who, what, when, where, how and why. Tell me about who you are as a photographer, list what cameras, lenses, lights, films (or plates, or papers) and other gear you use. Tell us about your creative vision when you create and take photos.

Then answer these questions:

  • Why did you get into photography?
  • What photographers are your biggest influences?

  • How long have you been shooting?

  • Why is photography and shooting so important to you?

  • Do you feel you’re more of a creator or a documenter? Why?

  • What’s typically going through your mind when you create images? Tell us about your processes both mentally and mechanically?

  • Want to walk us through your processing techniques?

  • Tell us about the project that you’re pitching, or your portfolio.

  • What made you want to get into your genre?

  • Tell us a bit about the gear you use and how you feel it helps you achieve your creative vision.

  • What motivates you to shoot?

– List a number of your websites.

– Explain why the readers want to see your work, or why your project is really cool.

– Show 10 photos at 3000 pixels on the long side that demonstrate some of your best work.

All submissions will be reviewed and one of us will get in touch with you if you’re in for a feature. We may also send you some follow-up questions if we’re interested in getting more in-depth about your work. If you’ve been featured before and would like to share some new work, feel free to e-mail us your photos along with the info/statement for your project.

Looking forward to seeing all your awesome submissions!