Blurb Now Offers to Print Your Zines With Upgraded Economy Magazine Paper

Still haven’t ticked making your very first zine off your to-do list? Blurb has a new offering that will convince you to jump right in and do it.

Blurb has been one of the top self-publishing platforms for magazines and books, and with its new offering, it may become even more popular. If you make your own zines or plan to make one sometime in the future, you may want to check out the platform’s new Economy paper upgrade.

One of the advantages of publishing platforms like Blurb is that they take care of nitty gritty technical stuff like paper type, printing methods, and the creation software. They now offer two options for newsstand quality printing: Premium Magazines, which have a high-end finish and heavier cover; and Economy Magazines, which are cheaper, lighter, and have lower print fidelity. Prices start at $5.99 per copy for 20 pages for the Premium Magazine and $3.99 per copy for 20 pages for the Economy Magazine. Both magazines will cost you $0.20 per extra page, and are eligible for volume discounts.

But why would you choose the Economy Magazine? Wouldn’t the Premium Magazine be the best choice for a photo zine? Well, yes and no. If you’re planning to make a small, simple, and high frequency publication meant for large orders (like a newsletter for a group or a collective), the Economy option would be a better choice. It’s also ideal for folios, travel journals, city guides, and other small publications where lower print fidelity won’t be an issue. However, stick to the Premium Magazine if you’re looking to put together a high-end photo zine or art publication that demands excellence in every detail.

A good rule of thumb would be to choose the Economy option if you’re printing regular issues that you want to distribute in large volumes, and go for the Premium option if you’re publishing special issues or limited edition photo zines. This way you’ll take advantage of the low-cost option and make the most out of the high-end choice.

Ready to make your first photo zine? Check out Blurb for more details and get started with making your Premium or Economy Magazine.