New COOPH Braid Straps Add a Touch of Color and Style to Your Cameras

COOPH Braid Straps make interesting choices whether you’re looking for a sturdy alternate strap or just something more different from the usual.

Not a fan of leather camera straps but want something just as elegant and eye-catching? COOPH’s fun and functional Braid Camera Straps could be an option for you. According to the photography apparel and accessories creator and online magazine, they were inspired to design the straps not only to be sturdy companions to lug cameras around with, but to also reflect every photographer’s creative mindsets. For those who are more inclined to pick something different, these newly released camera straps in colorful combinations could make great options.

These simple straps are handcrafted in Hungary, woven from colorful threads and braided into a hollow but highly durable structure. This makes them lightweight yet sleek and sturdy, with fun color combinations to show off your style. At the end of each strap are Italian vegetable-tanned leather end-pieces, which are also resistant to dirt, molds, and weather. The straps are available in a range of different colors and combinations, such as beige, black, yellow mix, abyss, rainbow, camouflage, charcoal, icemint/pink, military green, cherry chocolate, and beige/navy.


Because of their sleek form and durability, these braid straps make great accessories to pair with compact cameras, mirrorless cameras, and even some smaller film SLR cameras. It’s also worth having one of these straps for days when you want something fuss-free, easy to stow away in your bag or pockets, or just something different or more colorful to pair with your camera when you feel like it.

Ready to get one or two of these cool straps?  You can grab the COOPH Braid Camera Strap for €54.00 (around $63) at the COOPH Store.

All images used with permission from COOPH