Matthew Guido Gives the Neon Trend a “Nightmare” Treatment

All images by Mathew Guido. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The neon trend may be one of the most overused visual styles or aesthetics today, but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided altogether. If you can re-imagine and reinvent it to suit your own creative vision or style, then make good use of it by all means! To inspire and give you an idea on how to go about this, just look at this mesmerizing example by Toronto-based photographer Mathew Guido.

Nightmare Hotline actually isn’t Mathew’s first foray into the wild world of neon colors. Previously, we’ve seen him play with neon lights and stylish sunglasses for a beautiful conceptual fashion shoot titled Eye Candy. In this new series, there’s still a strong emphasis on unique and powerful fashion photography, with the neon colors dominating the scene in ways that are different from what we normally see.

There’s some retro vibe going on throughout the set, and the neon play helps it stand out in each image. There are also very strong Blade Runner feels here, although strikingly different from that of Elizaveta Porodina’s Neon Night which was a more straightforward fashion shoot. The minimalist Nightmare Hotline, meanwhile, has a more experimental and unconventional mood to it, much like Alexander Berdin-Lazursky’s Lamb of Future.

Another striking element in this set is the creative blurs, which, when paired with the context from the title, create a sense of panic to the viewer (at least, for me), or at least, the illusion of a dizzying dream state. I also find the styling for this set intriguing. Apart from the vivid colors, the styling is also full of interesting textures, with the neon colors either complementing or highlighting the hair and the fabrics worn by the muse. Overall, it’s a stunningly unconventional work of fashion portraiture that I’m sure will inspire new ideas and approaches for all creatives interested in the genre.

Visit Mathew Guido’s Behance portfolio and follow him on Instagram to see more of his beautiful photography.