This Camera Brand Stereotypes Meme Is Hilarious and On Point

In this meme about camera brand stereotypes, can the jokes be any more true?

In the photography world it is not uncommon for photographers to become really attached to their gear, and their cameras specifically. These tools become an extension of us, so it should come as no surprise that we grow to have strong feelings about their performance and capabilities. But at the same time, we can all probably relate to knowing that one photographer (at least one anyway) who has had a little too much of their brand name Kool-Aid to drink and never shuts up about it. Well, assuming you know someone that fits that description, today we have a hilarious meme to share with you.

via Reddit User Airflow_Aviation

Obviously, these are meant in good humor and don’t apply to every photographer that owns a specific brand. But, on the whole, I found the points hilariously accurate to at least one photographer I’ve known at some point or another from each brand. To be honest, I almost spit my coffee out over my laptop when I read that bit on the Sony section about never shutting up about dynamic range. We all know a Sony shooter who does that.

I laughed at myself too while reading the Fujifilm section, and although I don’t own a single tote bag, nor have I been to Japan, the remainder of that was pretty accurate to myself and other Fujifilm enthusiasts I have known throughout the years. But really, the two that had me about rolling on the floor were about Nikon photographers not understanding the concept of the video, and about Canon photographers only looking for Bokeh in their images.

So now that we are inspired, what other camera brand stereotypes can you come up with? They left a big one, Leica off this list, but maybe that is because making fun of Leica shooters is too easy.

Anthony Thurston

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