These Cool Fashion Portraits Used a Fuji Natura Camera

Here’s another reason to give portraits a go using the Fuji Natura camera, if you’re one of the lucky ones that have it, that is.

If you need some ideas for your next portrait photography project, our featured set today may be an unexpected source of inspiration for you. Fahad Khokhar teamed up with James McAteer to conceptualize and shoot a fun set using a Fuji Natura Black, on top of other cameras. The results will make you want to either try it out with your own Fuji Natura, or grab one of these legendary premium point and shoot film cameras if you haven’t yet.

The success of this set is actually both in the concept and the execution — the former being the share of James, while the latter the part of Fahad. They couldn’t have picked a better location for an eye-catching shoot in all its pastel hues. The models are also so aptly styled that they essentially blend in with the setting.

We asked the two creative minds to tell us something about the shoot, and James had a pretty detailed story to share:

“This location was actually something that I had in mind for quite a long time. I truly love the idea of using and capitalizing on a ‘theme’, and the Pint Shop is about as thematic as you can get! I was drawn in by all of the light and mystical pastel colors featured in the pop-up shop, as well as the clean aesthetic presented by the color-coded aisles of products. I was also attracted to the fact that it was a pop-up shop for ice cream, which is definitely something you don’t see everyday. Of course, there’s the love for ice cream and something cold in the summer, which is pretty universally relatable!

“Once my mind was set on shooting at this location, I reached out to Fahad first because he is one of my best friends and we always choose to work together when we shoot! Once he was in, I began to think of models who would fit not only the aesthetic, but the pretty intense and bright location.

“The tall blonde model featured in Fahad’s most popular shot is Julie. Julie is a natural with amazing poses wrapped up in elegant and stylish outfits. She is extremely easy to shoot with, and doesn’t need much direction when it comes to hitting a pose! The second model, Jill, posed great contrast to Julie in terms of what she was wearing as well as her complexion. This contrast created a nice balance between the two models operating in the same space with very cool, yet different outfit choices! We went up and down each aisle, searching for compositions that we liked, using the colors of the models’ outfits to our advantage.

“At certain points, Fahad and I would help each other compose shots, and at other points, we’d go off and do our own thing! Once the shoot was complete, we were all very happy with what we captured, and decided to head to Chelsea Market for an evening out!”

So, there you have it. We can certainly pick up a few pointers from Fahad and James. First, that film is still a medium worth the gamble or experimentation. Next, two heads are better than one, so if you’re stuck in a rut, try collaborating with your fellow creatives. And last, make time to scout for locations; you never know when it will inspire cool concepts and ideas!

Do check out Fahad Khokhar and James McAteer on Instagram to follow their work. The Fujifilm Natura Black can also be scored on eBay.

All images shot by Fahad Khokhar using a Fuji Natura Black with Fuji Superia 1600. Used with permission.