10 Tips for Optimizing Lightroom Performance in 2018

If you are a photographer who uses Adobe Lightroom then you have likely run into slowdowns from time to time… here are some ideas to eliminate those headaches.

There is no doubt, over the last year or so Adobe has done a lot to improve and optimize performance in Lightroom, but that doesn’t mean there are no issues with performance in Lightroom here, midway through 2018. If you are more than just a hobbyist photographer chances are you spend quite a bit of time in Lightroom, and by extension, you likely run into performance issues more often than a casual user would. These slowdowns and optimization issues can be incredibly annoying and often result in additional stress you simply don’t need.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way and chances are there are some things you can do to greatly improve the performance and speed of your Lightroom without needing to go out and spend thousands on a new computer.

As we noted above, Adobe has done a lot to Lightroom over the last year and, depending upon who you ask, these changes range from ‘meh’ to ‘great!’. But one of the side effects of Adobe working hard to tinker with the Lightroom codebase to improve its performance and optimize it for use on the wide variety of systems it use is that tricks from the past may not work as well. So it is important to take stock every now and then to make sure you are doing everything you can to make sure your Lightroom performance is as good as it can be.

Vic VideopIC has a great video on his Youtube Channel for this exact purpose. He has gone through all of the various tips and tricks for optimizing Lightroom performance and added them to his extensive personal experience with Lightroom to create this quick, 12-minute video covering how best to optimize your settings and hardware for better Adobe Lightroom Performance in 2018. You can have a look at the video below, but here are a few of the big ones that stood out to us:

  • Cache Size and Optimization
  • Folder Size
  • Smart Previews
  • Drive Workflow/Layout

So there you have it, some effective tips and tricks for optimizing your Lightroom performance in 2018. If you are noticing some issues with your LR performance maybe give some of these tips a try and see what works for you.

Do you know any other tips and tricks for optimizing Lightroom? Leave a comment and help spread the word!

Anthony Thurston

Anthony is a Portland, Oregon based Boudoir Photographer specializing in a dark, moody style that promotes female body positivity, empowerment, and sexuality. Besides The Phoblographer, he also reviews gear and produces his own educational content on his website.