This Rare Nikon F2 Titan is Yours for Less Than $1,000

Looking for a vintage SLR camera that is both rare and still usable? This rare Nikon F2T Titan could be a top choice for you

SLR cameras are among the most popular vintage cameras today not only for film photographers but also for serious collectors. If you consider yourself both, you might be interested in our latest ebay find: a rare, fully-mechanical Nikon F2 Titan. It’s yours if you’re willing to part with close to $1,000.

While not in the best cosmetic condition, the used Nikon F2 Titan body listed by Japan-based tenkaren_japan is described as still in good working condition. “There is no damage like inside the viewfinder, noteworthy. Shutter operation is already confirmed,” the listing says. No other information about the camera is provided, so we had to do some sleuthing around the web for any information.

The name plate has “Titan” in cursive instead of “Nikon F2.” Those who are familiar with this camera know that it stands for a titanium version F2. For all we know, the name could be a nod to both the sturdy material it’s made of, or the fact that it was one of the toughest, most dependable Nikon 35mm SLRs for pros back in the day. The top plates, bottom plate, back door, and prism cover are all made of titanium, and the tell-tale sign is that the thick black paint has created the appearance of a mottled, textured finish.

According to Camera Quest, the “Titan” model was actually one of the three titanium versions of the Nikon F2, the other two being the “F2 T” without a name plate, and the “F2 High Speed,” a modified version with 10 fps high speed operation, a special high-speed battery pack, and a Pellicle mirror. Rumors said that the “Titan” version was developed for the US Space Program, but all it did was up the price for collectors.

One last thing to note on this item listed on ebay — instead of the original titanium prism, it comes equipped with a Nikon F2AS Photomic Finder DP-12. The compact and precision pentaprism finder assembly that can fit any Nikon F2 body.

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Interested in giving this beauty a space in your camera collection? Head to the ebay listing to buy it now for $989.99 or make your best offer.