Shutterstock and IBM Join to Help Marketers Find Photos for Campaigns

Shutterstock and IBM partner to bridge digital marketers’ needs with the engaging, high-quality assets made by photographers and other content makers

If you’re a stock photographer with work on Shutterstock, you may soon find yourself connecting with more marketers looking for exactly the content you’re offering. Shutterstock has announced today a partnership with IBM to help marketers build engaging digital experiences through their creative platform. Beginning July 2018, customers of the IBM Watson Content Hub will be able to access millions of images, videos, and music tracks hosted by Shutterstock and find the ideal content for their needs through IBM’s Watson AI technology.

With today’s digital marketing campaigns requiring increasingly engaging experiences, it can be a challenge for marketers to find the content they need. Through this collaboration, marketers using the Watson Content Hub can make use of the AI capabilities that “understand and learn about the data in a company’s content management system over time” to sift through more than 200 million assets in Shutterstock’s library. This will enable them to quickly find the best assets for crafting effective and engaging campaigns to drive increased revenues.

Customers will also gain access to the Shutterstock Editor, which they can use to quickly and easily customize images for social media platforms emails, and other materials. The feature-rich editor also comes with other commonly used image editing tools for adding filters, text, shapes, and even their own logos or product images.

For stock photographers signed under Shutterstock, this could be another opportunity to get their work seen and connect with more potential customers. When you’re competing with hundreds, even thousands of photographers adding countless images into the search results for just one keyword alone, the odds of getting a photo licensed to a customer can be pretty steep. Likewise, not all customers have the time to sift through stock photo libraries using many different keyword variations just to get the perfect content for their campaigns. Both sides can benefit from the tailored approach offered by this AI-powered partnership.

Visit the Shutterstock website for more information.