Handshake Books is a New Platform for Photographers to Publish Books and Zines

Introducing a new collaborative platform for getting your photography projects printed into books and zines

For photographers wanting to create and publish their own photo books, the traditional route of looking for a publisher is no longer a popular option. It’s often difficult and heart-breaking to pitch your work and be told time and time again that it’s not marketable, let alone profitable. It’s for this reason that the self-publishing and independent publishing routes have become the feasible and preferred options for many creatives today. If this is a direction you’re planning to take with your work, you might want to check out Handshake Books, a new collaborative platform that aims to make it easier for photographers and other creatives to make their own books or zines.

According to Handshake, their focus for printed media is on visual research and youth culture. They’re also looking into collaborating with photographers and other content creators to put together “unique and experimental design projects.” They recently shared with us their first three published projects to give us an idea on the visual flavor they represent.

Everything’s Wrong But In The Right Place

Everything’s Wrong But In The Right Place, a collective publication exploring new creative lines inside the world of skateboarding photography, with pictures and projects by Daniel Pannemann, Felipe Bartolomé, Rafael Gonzalez, Nayat Cheikh, Sergio Pontillo, Mac Shafer, Adrian Rios, Dani Millán, Rubén Montesinos and Realmente Bravo.

Everything’s Wrong But In The Right Place, a self-published photography publication distributed by Handshake, is a contemporary visual exploration into youth and skateboarding culture. It also comes with a mini zine by design studio Realmente Bravo.



THANK YOU, a photozine by Rubén Montesinos and edited by Handshake, about a view of New York City, mixing the objectivity of someone who doesn’t belong to this place, with the subjectivity of a fascinated tourist.

THANK YOU also comes with some postcards that add to the narrative and serve as extra images that interfered and changed his idea about the city in some way.



Nº013597, a book with pictures of Matias Petelski, about a trip of three months through Morocco.

The first book by Matias Petelski was edited by Handshake, the collaboration brought to life shortly after the idea behind Handshake came to mind. Matias showed some scanned photos from the trip to a few friends, including Handshake creators Jaime Sebastián and Rubén Montesinos.


Visit Handshake Books on Big Cartel to grab copies of these freshly published projects, follow them on Instagram, and get in touch with them at info@handshake.fun.