Handshake Books is a New Platform for Photographers to Publish Books and Zines

Introducing a new collaborative platform for getting your photography projects printed into books and zines

For photographers wanting to create and publish their own photo books, the traditional route of looking for a publisher is no longer a popular option. It’s often difficult and heart-breaking to pitch your work and be told time and time again that it’s not marketable, let alone profitable. It’s for this reason that the self-publishing and independent publishing routes have become the feasible and preferred options for many creatives today. If this is a direction you’re planning to take with your work, you might want to check out Handshake Books, a new collaborative platform that aims to make it easier for photographers and other creatives to make their own books or zines.

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Something Tactile: Why Photographers Should Create Zines

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Fact: digital marketing isn’t always the most effective method of marketing your photography. That’s why photographers have been creating zines for years. Of any of the photographers in the stable of the Phoblographer, James Moreton perhaps understands this the most. He’s a man who is all about something that’s tactile, film, and aesthetics. And he’s also collaborated on and made zines.

From the perspective of a photographer, I asked him to talk about the zine making process and his newest zine.

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