Canon Patent Application Hints at New Flip Screen for Mirrorless Cameras

A new kind of flip screen could be on the way for the next generation of Canon mirrorless cameras

Canon Watch Blog has recently reported of a Japanese patent application 2018-54913 which describes an articulating touchscreen that can be flipped in various directions. Part of the patent claims that the flip screen mechanism, which the illustration shows to be for mirrorless cameras, will also feature a smaller size.

The blog post also shared this excerpt of the translated patent literature:

A display device having a display portion includes a first plate, a first shaft rotatably supporting the first plate, a second plate, a first plate provided on the first plate, A second shaft rotatably supporting the second plate rotatably in a direction substantially parallel to the first plate and the second plate, a third plate, a third plate provided on the second plate, and a third plate provided on the second plate and extending in a direction substantially perpendicular to the first axis and the second axis And a third shaft rotatably journalled, wherein the second shaft is provided at one end portion of the first plate and substantially at the center portion of the second plate, and the second plate is formed of a first And the second shaft is pivotally supported by the second shaft at a substantially central portion of the display portion in a direction substantially parallel to the third axis in a state where the plate, the second plate, and the third plate are overlapped with each other.

If all that sounds like a mouthful and challenging to visualize, the patent illustrations below may be easier to figure out:


With innovative articulating screens now being a must for the perfect selfies, shooting with tricky angles, and vlogging, it’s not surprising Canon is developing a more versatile version of flip screens for their next generation of mirrorless cameras. We’re definitely joining Canon Watch in keeping an eye out for when this patent gets applied to Canon’s future mirrorless offerings.