Nick Pacione’s Night Landscapes Reveal the Magic of the Stars and Nature

All images by Nick Pacione and used with Creative Commons permission

Whenever Texas is mentioned, images of deserts, country lifestyle, and cattle roping cowboys immediately come to mind for a lot of people. But Dallas-based photographer Nick Pacione wanted to show a different, more enchanting part of the state with his collection of stunning landscape photos. If you’re looking for beautiful work to inspire you to go out and shoot more, his photos will certainly do the trick.

More than just a series of eye-catching images, we can say Nick Pacione’s three-part collection reveals there is more to Texas than the stereotypes tied to it. Titled The Edge of Texas, the ongoing series shows just how magical the Lone Star State’s landscapes can be — from its sprawling grasslands, majestic rock formations, stunning sunsets, and star-studded night scenes. A range of moods are also present in each set, without a doubt inspiring adventurous and nature-loving photographers who often find themselves on the road.

What is most impressive about The Edge of Texas is how it effectively opens the viewer’s eyes to the natural beauty of the west Texas border. Instead of imagery that echoes the Wild West or a country culture often tied to the state, we are instead treated to the pure beauty of its diverse landscapes. It’s also interesting how the entire project is brimming with shots of starry nights and the Milky Way. For those who still haven’t found a great location for capturing dreamy star trails and the quintessential Milky Way snaps, this part of Texas is a scenic road trip and camping destination to consider. As a bonus, all the interesting rock formations also make great foreground elements for those celestial captures!

Don’t forget to check out Nick Pacione’s website and Behance portfolio to see the rest of The Edge of Texas, as well as his other photography projects.