From Kodak to iPhoneography – The Evolution of Photography in One Infographic

If you’re looking for a solid history of photography, you’ve come to the right spot

Get ready to waste some time today, because we’ve got something pretty darned cool. The history of photography is a pretty complicated thing, but this really cool infographic from the London School of Photography will make for quite a bit of awesome reading time. It includes some of photography’s earliest beginnings and goes through Kodak, digital photography, and mobile photography. The information is displayed in such a way that it makes going from top to bottom really simple to digest.

One of the biggest trends as of recent is the spread of interchangeable lens cameras more so than compact cameras. I find this particularly interesting because photographers who use ILCs are often looking for a good point and shoot. It happens in the world of both digital and film. I mean, look at all the popular film point and shoot cameras out there. There are some famous names in this infographic too besides just really cool numbers and educational little tidbits to consider.

One of the absolute saddest facts is how much more engagement duck faces generated than lots of the other things on this list. When you think about how photography has changed and how many images people share online per day, you can really start to put all this in perspective. It makes me wonder how many selfies are uploaded online vs how many images have been estimated and taken in the history of photography. I genuinely hope there are less selfies and more good content instead.

This also makes me wonder about photography years ago; many people took self portraits because they needed a subject at the time and they were the only person around and available. Many people do it today for the same reason. And so looking good on camera has been more important than ever. As I type this, it sounds like a Black Mirror episode and it becomes scarier and scarier as time goes on.

Chris Gampat

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