The World’s Top Single Images from Sony World Photography Awards 2018

The best single images in the world are finally unveiled in this year’s Sony World Photography awards.

Out of hundreds of thousands of entries from around the world, the 10 Open category winners and 63 National Awards recipients of this year’s Sony World Photography Awards are finally announced. With submissions in diverse subject matters, this year’s competition garnered an interesting collection of images that reflect a good variety in exemplary photography.

The winning entries for the Open categories were selected by an expert panel of judges and deemed worthy of the distinction as the very best single photographs in the world in 10 categories. Meanwhile, the National Awards program recognizes and rewards the best single image taken by local photographers from nearly 70 countries. It’s also interesting to note that many of the winning photographs in this year’s selection were taken by non-professional photographers.

The Open category winners are:

Architecture: Andreas Pohl, Germany, The Man and the Mysterious Tower 

Culture: Panos Skordas, Greece, Young Minotaur 

Enhanced: Klaus Lenzen, Germany, Every Breath you Take 

Landscape & Nature: Veselin Atanasov, Bulgaria, Early Autumn

Motion: Fajar Kristianto, Indonesia, The Highest Platform

Portraiture: Nick Dolding, United Kingdom, Emile 

Still Life: Richard Frishman, United States, Sunday Buffet at Jerry Mikeska’s BBQ; Columbus, Texas 2017

Street Photography: Manuel Armenis, Germany, Old Friends 

Travel: Mikkel Beiter, Denmark, Shapes of Lofoten

Wildlife: Justuna Zduńczyk, Poland, An Unexpected Meeting

The full list of the 63 National Awards winners can be viewed at

Richard Frishman (United States)
Open, Still Life

Klaus Lenzen (Germany)
Open, Enhanced

Andreas Pohl (Germany)
Open, Architecture

Panos Skordas (Greece)
Open, Culture

Justyna Zduńczyk (Poland)
Open, Wildlife

Andreas Pohl (Germany)
Open, Architecture

Manuel Armenis (Germany)
Open, Street Photography

Nick Dolding (United Kingdom)
Open, Portraiture

Veselin Atanasov (Bulgaria)
Open, Landscape & Nature

Fajar Kristianto (Indonesia)
Open, Motion

All the winners of the Open category and National Award will receive the latest digital equipment from Sony. Their photos will also be published in a dedicated book for this year’s competition, and showcased at the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition in London from April 20 – May 6. The winning Open category photographers will also be competing to bag the Open Photographer of the Year title, plus a prize of $5,000. The winner of this competition will be announced on April 19, alongside the winners of the Professional categories.

For its 11th edition, the Sony World Photography Awards produced by the World Photography Organisation received a record-breaking 320,000 entries from photographers in over 200 countries and territories. Find out more about the Sony World Photography Awards at the World Photography Organisation’s official website.