Discontinuation Notice: Fujifilm Superia 800 and Superia 1600 ISO Films in 36 Exposures

Fujifilm Superia 800 and Fujifilm Superia 1600 are being discontinued in 36 exposure rolls; but 24 will continue to live on.

It was only a matter of time until Fujifilm announced some sort of film discontinuation, and in this case it’s going to be Fujifilm Superia 1600 and 800–but we’d like to make it very, very clear that this is only for their 36 exposure rolls. There are bound to be a whole lot of folks out there saying “Oh, they discontinued another film.” But that’s clearly not true. Superia 800 will be available in 24 exposure rolls in the 35mm format for the moment at least. Fujifilm Superia in the lower ISO emulsions (100, 200 and 400) is not being touched, thankfully. And though some folks may think that this is all just fine, it still isn’t necessarily the best thing to happen.

Just this weekend, Fujifilm issued a notice to their dealers in the USA stating that the film will no longer be in production for the US market. To that end, the film will be available until exhausted.

Just to reiterate again: Fujifilm Superia 1600 and Fujifilm Superia 800 will be discontinued in 36 exposure. 24 exposure packs for Superia 800 are fine and still sticking around for the moment. This was announced via a note sent to dealers today.

Fujifilm Superia 800 and Fujifilm Superia 1600 are nice films and the only real emulsions that Fujifilm has over 400 left. Natura 1600 (only in Japan) is now discontinued and this means that if you want something in 36 exposures you’ll need to go for Kodak, CineStill and Lomography’s options. However, that still shouldn’t really discount what Fujifilm Superia 800 and 1600 can do. They’re both nice films with their own soft, muted color schemes. We did a review of the Superia lineup a little while back.

What I really wonder though, and I’m sure many others are wondering, is why the high ISO films are disappearing. Perhaps it’s because many folks instead go for ISO 400 film and decide to push it. But in all honesty, I’ve heard many film photographers my age say that all they want is a solid ISO 6400 color negative film. And I can’t say that I disagree with them.

You can pick up some Fujifilm Superia 800 and Fujifilm Superia 1600 via our affiliate links and send us a bit of a kickback at no extra cost to you. What you REALLY want though is Fujifilm Natura 1600.

Editor’s Correction: Superia 1600 in 24 exposures isn’t sold at all.

Chris Gampat

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