The ALPA TrioPod Pro 75 and Classic Ball 5 II Can Hold Well Over 150 Pounds of Camera Gear

The latest ALPA tripod and ball head seem to be targeted at large format photographers.

ALPA of Switzerland has recently launched two new tripod products to cater to photographers’ ever growing shooting needs in the form of the ALPA TrioPod-Pro 75 Tripod which is built to carry some of the heaviest photography equipment. The ALPA Classic Ball 5 II is an equally sturdy option for those who prefer using ball tilt heads.

The ALPA Classic Ball 5 II can support equipment weighing up to 12 kilograms (around 26 lbs) and can be quickly adjusted to any orientation. It can be mounted with the ball pointing upwards and the panorama plate on the base, or vice versa. The panorama function has a horizontal scaling of 360 degrees, and the pre-milled openings can safely accommodate the spherical neck for use in portrait format.

The ALPHA Classic Ball 5 II allows for precise measurement of the ball’s friction through a rotating adjustment ring. This important feature allows the ball head to be gradually moved with the resistance, saving time during shooting. A lever on the side completely blocks the ball head, so the smallest adjustments can be made without loosening the entire ball. With this feature, there’s no risk of the camera body tilting sideways during adjustment.

Meanwhile, the heavy-duty ALPHA TrioPod-Pro 75 serves as a solid base with a load capacity of 65 kilograms (143 lbs estimated) and adjustable maximum working height. Without the tripod head or middle column, it has a maximum height of 1.54 (four and a half feet or so) meters, which can be increased by 50 cm to 2 meters (six feet) by attaching the optional carbon leg extensions. It can be combined with all common tripod heads including the ALPA GON, the ALPA Triobal, and the ALPA Classic Ball 5 II. This new tripod is also available in four-part legs or three-part legs. The carbon legs are removable and replaceable, which can save space; a single leg can also serve as monopod.

Following the company’s modular product philosophy, the connections at the end of the Classic Ball 5 II and the TrioPod Pro 75 are made alternatively with either a 1/4″ or 3/8″ thread. Both also follow the UniQ/C (Dove Tail) and Universal Rail (“Nato Rail”) international mounting standards, ensuring the best possible compatibility with products from different manufacturers.

Visit the ALPA website to learn more about the features and availability of these new high-quality tripod products.

Thanks for the tip Scott!