Free RGG Tutorial: How to Photograph and Retouch Beer

The folks over at RGG have released a brand new, completely free tutorial.

If you’ve ever wondered why the images we see on beer advertisements always look super polished, that’s because every element on display was painstakingly planned. Commercial beer photography requires a skillset far exceeding just the mastery of photography fundamentals. Every last detail in an image used in commercial advertising campaigns were tirelessly obsessed over, with nothing left to chance. Reflections were carefully angled, shadows precisely casted, and every last droplet of water meticulously and thoughtfully placed. In RGG EDU’s first ever full length free tutorial, photographer Rob Grimm will guide you through a comprehensive workflow required in creating these precision crafted images so that you can develop the skillset necessary to becoming a successful beer photographer.

Over eight hours in length, this tutorial covers everything from how to prepare and cleanup beer bottles to be photographed, developing an overall concept for a hero shot, styling tips, high end retouching and compositing, and even the business side of beer photography. The tutorial begins with a comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques required to master the complete beer photography workflow. Following the overview are four separate photoshoots within which you will learn how to setup the lighting, dress the beers, create the narrative, and ultimately edit and composite all of the different elements into a complete, polished end product.

The Beer Photography & Retouching with Rob Grimm tutorial is available for free here; and this is the company’s first ever free tutorial for photographers. Rob Grimm is a Chicago and St. Louis based commercial photographer with over 25 years of industry experience, specializing in food, beverage, and product photography. Grimm is also the cofounder of RGG EDU, an online educational service specializing in photography and post production tutorials taught by industry leading photographers and retouchers on photographing fashion, portrait, commercial, etc.

Pauleth Ip

Paul is a New York City based photographer, creative, and writer. His body of work includes headshots and commercial editorials for professionals, in-demand actors/performers, high net worth individuals, and corporate clients, as well as intimate lifestyle/boudoir photography with an emphasis on body positivity and empowerment. Paul also has a background in technology and higher education, and regularly teaches private photography seminars. When not working on reviews and features for The Phoblographer or shooting client work, Paul can be seen photographing personal projects around NYC, or traveling the world with his cameras in tow. You can find Paul’s latest work on his Instagram over at @thepicreative.