David Ingraham Explores Urban Disconnection in “Lonesome City”

All images by David Ingraham via Lonesome City on Kickstarter

In his first monograph titled Lonesome City, Los Angeles-based photographer David Ingraham navigates and captures the universal themes of urban isolation and disconnection in big cities around the world. Street photography fans and followers of his work can support this new project and grab copies of his book through a dedicated Kickstarter campaign.

Five years of extensive shooting around the streets of Los Angeles and other cities across the globe culminate in this striking collection of black and white photos. David describes this body of work as “a glimpse into the dark heart of the big city and what it feels like to be immersed in the vast ocean of humanity.” He adds that while this is innate in the metropolitan experience, it also causes the feeling of being alone, alienated, and detached from it all.

Standard Edition Cover

Collector’s Edition Cover

Lonesome City was conceptualized and designed by David himself, and will be printed in an edition of 700 copies, 75 of which will be limited collector’s editions. The 8.5 x 11-inch volume will have approximately 100 pages and 48 monochrome images, printed in rich duo-tone on high-end matte paper.

“In this digital day and age where most of the images we see on a daily basis are viewed on a computer screen or smartphone, I believe now more than ever that good photography is most at home on the printed page,” David shared on his campaign page.

“When faced with the glut of online imagery these days, we tend to skim over photos, taking them for granted, knowing there are millions more awaiting. But sitting down with a beautifully-designed and crafted book of photography can be a meditative, tactile experience, causing us to slow down and experience the work on a deeper level.”

Photo book lovers, black and white photographers, and street snappers may find David’s monograph a fine addition to their collection. If this project is something you’re keen on supporting, do check out the Kickstarter campaign to find out more and back Lonesome City.