Join us for Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Brooke DiDonato

Tune in on 2/7 at 5pm EST at the Adorama Event Space or Live on Facebook!

On the next Episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind, Phoblographer Editor in Chief Chris Gampat explores the surreal with photographer Brooke DiDonato. Brooke hails from Ohio and her photographs depict everyday settings and objects with a surreal twist, using visual anomalies as a framework to explore the psyche. By challenging the of assumed reality of a photograph, her images lead viewers through a storyline that is both real and constructed. DiDonato lives and works in New York.

Inside The Photographer’s Mind is a webcast in front of a live Adorama Event Space audience that delves into how and why photographers create their photos. Hosted by The Phoblographer’s Chris Gampat, Chris has years of interviewing experience being on both sides of the photo desk. The show features photographers with interesting portfolios of work who are established in the creative and social world of photography. Inside the Photographer’s Mind will be broadcast live on Adorama TV and will be available for viewers to tune in later on.

Inside the Photographer’s Mind is made possible by Adorama, The Phoblographer and Madavor Media.