Fujifilm Announces New X-A5 Camera and XC 15-45mm Lens

We had been hearing Fujifilm may have some new gear coming up, and today that was made official.

Today Fujifilm announced the latest additions to their X-Series in the form of the brand new X-A5 camera and XC 15-45mm; which the company is touting as the lightest camera and zoom lens combination in their lineup. The cameras, which seemingly were leaked all over the web today before most of the US press received the announcement materials, has been causing quite a bit of commotion. This is the first of Fujifilm’s X-A series cameras to have phase detection on the sensor.

Fujifilm X-A5

The X-A5 is based on Fujifilm’s 24.2MP APS-C sensor combined with a newly designed image processor which Fujifilm is claiming to be 1.5x faster than the previous processor. The notable development here is the X-A5 has a phase detect AF equipped sensor, which (as stated earlier) is a first for the X-A lineup of cameras, which have been Fujifilm’s low cost, low barrier to entry into the X-Series.

The X-A5 will also be featuring an ISO range increase up to 12,800 with the ability to push to 51,200 in expanded sensitivity modes. This will make the X-A5 much more capable in low light than previous X-A models and should keep the X-A5 more in line with its competition in the X-Series and throughout the market.

Video has been a big area of focus for Fujifilm with their latest releases and the X-A5 brings 4K video recording capabilities, which will no doubt be a big selling point for those considering the X-A5 as a Youtube camera. You will also get Fujifilm’s latest Bluetooth technology in the X-A5, making getting images off the camera wirelessly easier than ever.

The X-A5 will be available on February 8th in the US and Canada for $599 US and $749 CAD. The camera will only come in a kit with the lens we are just about to review, so for now at least, this will not be available in a body-only configuration.

Fujifilm XC 15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ

In addition to the X-A5 we noted above, Fujifilm will also be launching their new XC 15-45mm lens. This is a special lens in the system because it features OIS as well as a PZ motor for electronic zooming. It is small, compact, and has a minimum working distance of only two inches, which means you can get in close for some good macro images.

As noted above, it will come in a kit with the X-A5, but unlike the X-A5 it will also be sold on its own so that those who already own X-Series cameras can pick one up for their kit. It is expected to start shipping on March 15th in the US and Canada and will retail for $299.95 US and $379.99 CAD.

Anthony Thurston

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