A Rare Military-Issued Leica M4 M is Up for Grabs on ebay

This Leica M4 M is one of the rare M4 cameras that can be used with with a motor drive.

Here’s another one for Leica fans and military memorabilia collectors out there. From the depths of ebay comes another rare Leica artifact – a US Military-issued Leica M4 M. If you missed your chance on the military version of the Leica KE-7A, you might want to make space on your shelves for this impressive piece.

Hong Kong-based ebay seller breguetcamera is selling a rare Leica M4 M with a Summicron M 35mm f/2 lens and a Leitz New York Motor Drive. The body and lens are in used but great condition and without any issues. Apparently, it was a US Military-issued unit, given the “228 USN 506179” marking at the back. It’s yours for a whopping $29,980.

While a chunk of its hefty price tag comes from being military-issued, the Leica M4 M in itself is one of the more interesting Leica cameras a photographer can own. Like the KE-7A, this model has the same technical specifications as the Leica M4 with a few exceptions. First, it doesn’t have a self-timer. Then, it’s designed to be equipped with a Leica Motor Drive. Yes, the contraption you see attached under the camera body is the entire motor drive.

Produced from 1967 to 1970, these rare Leicas were first called the M4 M and later M4 MOT to indicate their compatibility with the motor drive. All came with black enamel finish. According to CameraQuest, only 315 M4 M and 640 M4 MOT units were made. Leica reportedly bought the motor from photographic writer and camera repairman Norman Goldberg. He originally called it REMODRIVE and had it made for the M2. Camera Quest also observed that many of the Leica M4 M / MOT units from the US West Coast are former US Navy cameras.

Some actually consider the collector’s value of the Leica M4 M / MOT to be in the AA battery-powered motor drive more than the body. In fact, a mint M4 M / MOT motor reportedly can go for $4,000 or more.

Ready to grab this rare military-issued Leica M4 M? Prepare your $29,980 and head to this ebay listing to see the actual camera in the listing and buy it now. Or, if you’re fine with a non-military version that needs some CLA (for loads cheaper, of course), you can check out this listing instead.

Photos of mint Leica M4 M via ebay seller www_schouten-select_com.