This Short, Fun Beat is Made of Cool Camera Shutter Sounds

If you like camera shutter sounds, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

Ever had a camera or two whose clicks and clacks were music to your ears? Chances are, you’ll find them in this cool video featuring a catchy beat made using camera shutter sounds!

It’s been a while since there was any activity on The Mijonju Show YouTube channel, so when Michel Jones recently uploaded something, a bunch of us started to notice. It must have been familiar for some, as it’s actually a reupload of the very popular Shutterlog Remix video. It’s much better to show you why it became a Mijonju Show favorite with the actual clip below.

What is worth pointing out in this masterpiece is that the majority of the cameras featured were film cameras — and many interesting ones at that. From 35mm SLRs, to point and shoot cameras, to toy cameras and novelty snappers, to medium format cameras and some iconic Polaroids, the Shutterlog Remix is as much camera porn as it is eargasm material.

The idea behind this short, fun beat must have come from many film photographers’ love for the sounds of their cameras, as many of these vintage cameras often come with a distinct and audible shutter sound. Back in the day, not many probably minded whether a Nikon’s “clack” was louder than a Canon’s “click”, or which point-and-shoot made the quieter whirring sound as it advanced.

Most of today’s digital cameras have quiet shutters. If you’re using a smartphone camera, it doesn’t even have a shutter sound of its own. So, it’s safe to say that this is some sort of celebration for the sounds of film photography.

If you’re new to the Mijonju Show, you might want to go check out Michel Jones’ other videos of super cool cameras and super cool things. Otherwise, for those who have followed his vlogs in the past, he has also mentioned possibly restarting the Mijonju Show soon. Stay tuned!