How to Maximize the Colors of Your Fall-Themed Shoot

Looking to do a fall-themed shoot?

Thinking of doing one more fall-themed shoot before the colors of the season fade and give way to wintertime? Pennsylvania-based photographer Joshua Zaring has recently done one, and has shared with us his tips for maximizing the colors and tones for beautiful fall photos.

Fall is one of the most awaited seasons for some photographers precisely for the unique colors it brings to the picture. Capturing scenes that best represent and bring out the visual appeal and even emotions of the foliage is the challenge for every photographer keen on shooting fall photos. If you have one last fall-themed shoot planned anytime soon, Joshua’s tips, from shooting to editing in Lightroom, should be able to help you get some great photos.

In the first part of his tutorial, Joshua mentioned running into a problem. The usually colorful location he drove up to looked a little drab on an overcast day. The trees also didn’t have as much of the beautiful leaves in oranges and yellows. His first tip for a fall-themed shoot is to underexpose by one or two stops to get a little bit more detail and deeper colors in his shots to bring out later in the editing. Of course, location is paramount, especially if you’re shooting something like fall colors. So don’t hesitate to look for other spots that show all those oranges, yellows, and reds better.

To give you full control and additional color information, Josh notes in the video’s description to set your camera for shooting in RAW. This ensures you can go deep with color settings in Lightroom with camera calibration and HSL. In the editing part, Josh showed how to balance the colors to bring out the reds and oranges, along with other settings like saturation, hue, and luminance to bring out the fall colors he wants. To finish, he showed how to fine tune the shadows, highlights, and contrast to pull up the details.

Check out other photography tutorials by Joshua Zaring on his YouTube channel and his work on his website.

Screenshot image from the video. Story idea pitched to us with permission.