The Shimoda Explore 40 and 60 Backpacks Claim to be the Ultimate Adventure Photography Packs

With the Shimoda Explore backpacks, we’ve got a brand new entry into the adventure photography category

Photographers who enjoy backpacking and seeing the world may really warm up to the brand new Shimoda Explore backpacks. These backpacks aren’t designed to look like photography bags but instead more like actual travel adventure packs. When you look at some of the features standard in the Shimoda Explore 40 and Shimoda Explore 60 backpacks, you’ll see a lot of thought was put into their creation. I’ve been personally testing one for a number of weeks now and I can say with certainty this is the first backpack that has allowed me to comfortably pack medium format cameras, lenses, light meters, film, a tripod and more, with little wear and tear on my back.

The Shimoda Explore backpacks are both pretty different. The 60 has an expandable top in case you want to pack things like clothes for a much longer trip. Both bags have side access, rear access and top access. They’re all weather sealed and come with a number of fairly rugged dividers inside. Part of what makes this back so comfortable is the fact that the rear access door also acts as lumbar support for your back. When you couple this with the front strap and waist strap, it’ll feel relatively comfortable and indeed much better than most other bags out there. With the harness system, you can put stuff like a water bottle in there.

And with all of this said, I genuinely hope you’re in great shape if you get a bag like this. If you’re one of those new school digital nomads who loves taking all your belongings in a backpack and moving on about life, then this could really be the bag for you. We’re told they’re going to run a higher price point than normal though for very good reasons.

Then there’s stuff like a pouch system for tripods, strap systems for mounting even more stuff, etc. The Shimoda bags are going to be fantastic and at the moment, they’re looking for funding on Kickstarter.

I’m currently in the process of reviewing the Shimoda Explore 40; and I’m pleasantly surprised by how fantastic it is. But I wish it came in another color besides teal. It would make so much sense for me when I go out on press trips.