Wear Your Love for Photography with TogTees Shirts (and Stuff)

All images from TogTees. Used with permission.

Whoever said “wear your heart on your sleeve” must be talking about showing what you love with a shirt. If you feel you can use an extra shirt (or two) to wear your love for photography and with great design, you might want to check out some cool photography-themed graphic tees and other stuff from Philadelphia-based TogTees.

Lugging around your cameras everywhere is a surefire way to let people know what you do or that you’re into photography. But of course, it’s not always possible to do it unless you have a compact camera. For days when a shirt or sweatshirt is enough to show your love for all things photography, especially film, TogTees has a great selection for you.

With a collection of neat designs in different colors for men and women, TogTees can easily fill your wardrobe with some staple photography-themed wearables. The focus on analog culture and vintage cameras is pretty strong in their designs, which I’m sure film photographers out there will absolutely love. The shirts are also really soft, don’t shrink that easily in the wash, and are very comfortable.

To complement the minimalist and mostly vintage-inspired designs, the tees come in vintage-textured shirt fabric and in classic colors. The shirts are loved for their classy and timeless look, so they’re worth a space in every fashion-forward photographers’ closet.

Their cool photography-themed stuff doesn’t end there. How about an equally eye-catching mug for the home and office, film photographers? The 35mm Mug, a new addition to their shop, is perfect for sipping a morning latte or an afternoon tea. It comes in two classic colors (with really cool names, by the way — Darkroom Black and Safelight Red), so as TogTees says, you can have both coffee and tea while you’re busy processing and scanning your films.

While we’re at it, they also have other cool wearable stuff like hats and pins, so go ahead and take your pick from the TogTees website.