George Muncey Shoots Large Format Portraits for Dickies

Today, the distinct look of film photography is sought after not only by ardent film shooters and professional photographers looking for alternate mediums, but apparently by brands as well. It’s not even limited to independent brands anymore, as George Muncey of Negative Feedback proves with a recent large format portrait shoot for Dickies.

The highlight of George’s shoot, without a doubt, is that he used his new Chamonix 8×10 large format camera equipped with a Nikkor 300mm f5.6. This impressive view camera is a handmade piece of art in itself, sporting a modern design and constructed using wood and carbon fiber composite material. Shooting large format is certainly a thrilling experience, and using it to do a project with one of his favorite brands was the perfect opportunity for George’s first large format series.

In the behind the scenes video he shared on Negative Feedback, George walks us through the whole process and concept for the portrait shoot he did for Dickies. Large format was apparently the best way to mark a milestone as big as the 50th anniversary of the 874, the brand’s signature pair of trousers.

As George explains, the idea was to go beyond the usual commercial shoots with models, and feature the actual people who wear the 874 instead. For this project, we see George shoot some unique personalities in different locations. What was really impressive about this peek into shooting large format is the beauty of the whole experience — from the almost ritual-like setting up, to the level of precision it requires, and the unparalleled result it yields if you manage to do everything correctly.

It surely looked like a great experience for George and his crew, and they should be proud of their results. Despite the light leak accident that occurred in some of the shots, the photos look really bright, crisp, and nicely detailed.

Follow George Muncey’s film photography adventures through the Negative Feedback YouTube channel.

Screenshot image taken from the video by Negative Feedback

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