Maria Svarbova’s Poolside Origins Explores Symmetry and Duplicity

All images by Maria Svarbova. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

The beauty of symmetry and the intrigue of duplicity are some of the most commonly explored techniques in conceptual photography. If you find these themes particularly interesting, this curious-looking set by Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova is a delightful mix of both.

If water is a common element in Maria’s work, swimmers comprise the characters and muses of her quirky stories. In this beautiful set called Origins, they come to life as graceful and fascinating creatures born out of Maria’s unique visions. Set in the brightly lit swimming pool that we see in a lot of her work, the calm and mirror-like water amplifies the duplicity and symmetry that make this set an eye-catching work.

Most likely inspired by synchronized swimmers (or at least reminiscent of them), the effect was most likely achieved with the help of digital art techniques, but done in a tasteful way. As one viewer pointed out on her Behance page, the work looks like making patterns out of people the way synchronized swimming plays with formations and graceful choreography. It’s probably not something you’d expect when it comes to photos featuring synchronized swimmers, and that’s a plus in this particular set.

Aside from the beautiful composition, another thing to note about this set is its pleasing exercise in color combinations and variations. In most of the photos, Maria’s mostly pastel palette is punctuated either by fiery reds, vibrant oranges, or deep blues to create a nice contrast against the softness of the water or the paleness of the walls. Her solid art direction definitely shines through in this set and complements her affinity for fashion, architecture, and portrait photography.

If Origins has you intrigued with her poolside creations, Maria Svarbova has several more of these sets (and other equally excellent projects) up on her Behance page.