Kremer Johnson Photography Snaps Life on El Mirage’s Fast Lane

All images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

If you enjoyed browsing through the many faces that Kremer Johnson Photography photographed around Los Angeles, you’ll surely find their many other narrative portraits equally interesting. For today, let’s head out of their usual playground and revisit their portrait adventures in the central Mojave Desert.

Prior to their beautiful portraits of strangers around Los Angeles, Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson headed out to the El Mirage Lake, a dry lake bed in the northwestern Victor Valley of the central Mojave Desert. For a unique photo session done in their narrative and environmental portraiture specialty, the duo documented the racing scene of the dry lake bed, famous for being the home of Land Speed Racing for more than 60 years.

For their eponymous set, they photographed some of the adrenaline junkies that take part in these racing events, proudly posed beside their race cars, roadsters, belly tankers, hot rods, motorcycles, and lakesters. Of course, they couldn’t have picked a better location than the sprawl of the course where the action happens.

El Mirage – Dry Lake Bed is an interesting peek into the racing culture that is perhaps unknown to many but still frequented by those who are passionate about the lifestyle. According to Kremer and Johnson, all participants of the racing events in El Mirage, from the drivers to the event workers, are all volunteers. They’d spend up to six weekends a season at the course, and delegate countless hours fine tuning their vehicles at home. This enthusiasm for life on the fast lane at their very own spot in the Mojave Desert definitely shows in this portrait set. Plus, the cars, trucks, and motorbikes themselves — sporting looks that range from vintage to modern — are fascinating works of art.

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