Feature Update #4 Will Improve All Phase One XF Cameras Autofocus For Free

Phase One has announced the latest updates to their XF system camera, which has been called Feature update #4. The long awaited firmware update brings a slew of new features primarily aimed at improving the focusing control and accuracy of the camera – including one feature designed to make focusing and recomposing easier and more accurate than ever.

Similarly to Fujifilm in the mirrorless market, Phase One has positioned the XF system as an ever growing, ever evolving one. This being the fourth time the company has made major improvements to features and performance on the cameras. In addition to the Autofocus and Recompose feature, XF camera owners will see the addition of Zoom to Focus, Focus Trim Tool, an Automatic Focus Stacking Calculator and more! Full details on the features can be found below:

Autofocus and Recompose
The Autofocus and Recompose mode enables the photographer to focus on a subject and recompose the frame while retaining the desired focus point.

Zoom to Focus
In connection with the new Autofocus and Recompose mode, Zoom to Focus allows photographers to verify the focus by providing a dynamic image preview option in the IQ Digital Back, automatically enlarging captured images to the point of focus.

Focus Trim Tool
This automated calibration tool provides a built-in analysis of the focus trim calibration conditions, paired with a dedicated focus chart, ensuring Auto Focus trimming is done with complete confidence.

Focus Nudge
Any dial on the XF can be assigned to accurately step lens focus to minute degrees. Used together with Live View, this new feature provides an incredible degree of precision for control.

Automatic Focus Stack Calculator
This tool complements the existing Focus Stacking feature by evaluating focusing distances, sensor resolution, and aperture, then automatically suggesting the optimal number of frames that should be captured. This ensures superior image quality in the results.

Profoto Remote Trigger
In addition to the existing wireless control of Profoto lights from the XF Camera System, it has now been made possible to shoot the XF Camera System using the Profoto Air Remote as a wireless remote trigger.

Vibration Analysis
This visual feedback feature shows the user a display if any vibrations incurred during the capture process.

Infinite Vibration Delay
An expansion of the XF Camera System’s built-in ability to wait for optimal conditions before releasing the shutter, Infinite Vibration Delay now allows the camera to continue waiting indefinitely in a state of hibernation for calm, stable, and vibration-free conditions.

But Wait! There is more! In addition to the free firmware update, XF camera owners can also take advantage of an optional hardware update in the form of a new AF system – the Honeybee Autofocus Platform 2 or HAP-2. This hardware upgrade will improve the XF cameras AF capabilities in low light and low contrast situations – something that has traditionally been an issue with medium format systems.

XF owners who want to take advantage of the optional upgrade can do so through their local Phase One Partner. The upgrade will cost $890, and is available starting today.

More information about this firmware and hardware upgrade can be found over on the Phase One Website, here.