Sony Expands Their PRO Support Organization To Meet Demands of Professionals

One area where Canon and Nikon always had a leg up on the most of the mirrorless brands was in their professional support divisions. These allowed pros to get priority services and support, as well as special access to deals, discounts, and events. Many mirrorless companies have launched similar programs in recent years, with varying levels of success. Today Sony has announced some updates to their PRO system which will no doubt make Sony Professionals happy.Starting from the top, Sony has added a 24/7 domestic call center in North America to better serve the needs of professionals across the continent at any time of day. This will be a great help to those professionals who find themselves in need of assistance from Sony at times of day that would traditionally be dead zones for a service/support call center.

In addition to the new North American call center, Sony has announced some new walk-in locations for PRO members to access for service and support. There will be two new walk-in locations, one in LA and one in New York City. For professionals coming from DSLR PRO support memberships, this will be a very welcome addition (at least if you are a PRO in the LA or NYC areas).

According to Sony, their PRO support membership has had a 40% year over year increase in North America. That is impressive and can be attributed to more and more professionals switching to the mirrorless lifestyle and needing professional level support.

Finally, Sony also announced the formation of a North American in-the-field support team. This team will provide service and support at major sporting events, media events, and shows across North America. Additionally, they will be providing cleanings, loaners, and education at conferences and workshops across the country – further exposing the greater photography community to Sony’s products and professional service.

For more information on Sony’s PRO services and the updates announced today you can get all that information over on the Sony website, here. You can visit the Los Angeles location at 2706 Media Center Drive, Ste. 130, Los Angeles, CA 90065, phone (323) 352-5007, or the New York location at Photo Tech, 360 W 36thStreet, New York, NY 10018, phone (212) 673-8400.