Shoot Beautiful Portraits on Location with these Quick Tips

Thinking of experimenting with shooting portraits on location? If you’ve never tried working outside of the studio, now would be a great time to give it a try. Not only will it give you fresh perspectives and ideas, you can also take advantage of the different shooting conditions and elements of your chosen spot.

Beach locations are popular alternatives to studio setups among photographers, which is most likely why Ed Gregory of Photos in Color chose to squeeze in a video tutorial during a shoot in the Bahamas. Here, we see him giving a quick run-down of some easy tips you can do when shooting headshots and portraits on location.

In the first part of the tutorial, Ed mentions some of the tips that you can use to make use of available lighting on location. This allows you to create professional headshots even without an elaborate studio equipment. In one of his examples, he shows the importance of choosing a bright spot — next to a wide doorway, in this case — when shooting indoors. In the next, he demonstrates how you can simply use a reflector to light up your subject, if needed.

Other tips to take note of also come handy with studio shots, such as using the right angle for a professional look (shoot at eye-level so you can focus on the eyes for your headshot). Give yourself a little bit of leeway in your framing if you plan to crop your photo later. Ensure clear communication with your model when directing poses and expressions instead of posing them yourself. Having someone to take care of your model’s wardrobe and styling is advisable, but make sure that you’re also aware of how your model will be styled so you can work your angles around it if needed. Lastly, when shooting portraits on location with tricky outdoor lighting, don’t hesitate to use a flash to make sure your subject is well-lit.

Screenshot image from the video