It’s Lit: How to Do Flash Photography Under the Sun Like a Pro

Yes, you can do flash photography under broad daylight for those beautiful, editorial-style portraits!

When we want to shoot and the sun’s blazing outside, our instinct is to forego flash photography and just use ambient light. But as photographer Ed Gregory of the YouTube channel Photos in Color demonstrates in his seven-minute tutorial, speedlights and studio flashes can actually be your allies if you’re looking to create stunning and perfectly exposed photographs.

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Shoot Beautiful Portraits on Location with these Quick Tips

Thinking of experimenting with shooting portraits on location? If you’ve never tried working outside of the studio, now would be a great time to give it a try. Not only will it give you fresh perspectives and ideas, you can also take advantage of the different shooting conditions and elements of your chosen spot.

Beach locations are popular alternatives to studio setups among photographers, which is most likely why Ed Gregory of Photos in Color chose to squeeze in a video tutorial during a shoot in the Bahamas. Here, we see him giving a quick run-down of some easy tips you can do when shooting headshots and portraits on location.

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