10 Lifehacks For Staying Motivated and Inspired In Your Photography

Featured Image screenshot from video. All credit to Jessica Whitaker. 

We all remember what it was like when we found our wings in photography when you could actually take a picture based on something you saw in your head and have it come out on the back of the camera. It’s motivating, but just like the actual adrenaline rush you get when you see it, this motivation and inspiration always fade over time.

This is especially the case with professional photographers when you are constantly doing the same things over and over it can be hard to stay motivated about them and inspired to push the envelope. But keeping yourself sharp and always motivated to strive for better is a key for those who want to do more with their photography. So how can one stay inspired and motivated in their work?

Jessica Whitaker is a Seattle-based photographer who recently posted a great video on her youtube channel regarding this very topic, sharing some great life hacks and tips on how she stays motivated and inspired with her work.

You may notice that several of these tips don’t relate to photography directly at all, and this is key. We are all human, we all have lives, and how those lives are going will have a direct impact on how we are feeling towards our work and our photography. So before you scoff at the idea of working out, or journaling, or wearing clothes that fit your style – remember that the point is that doing these things will make more room in your mind for being creative with your photography, which will then help fuel more motivation and inspiration.

The bit about not being too concerned with others is also really key. Follow people who inspire you, not people who have you questioning your own work or tearing it apart. This is always something that is hard to deal with, but it’s important to pay attention and when you find yourself being too comparative towards certain groups or certain photographers, take a break from them and refocus on your own work.

No go out and be motivated! Stay inspired and create some stunning art! Also check out Jessica over on her Youtube channel for some more great videos!