Legendary Biotar 75 F1.5 Lens Officially In Development By Oprema Jena

A while back we mentioned reports indicating that Myer Optik or Zeiss could be looking into relaunching the famed Biotar lens lineup, specifically the legendary 75mm F1.5. Now those reports have been officially addressed by a company called Oprema Jena, a sister company to Myer Optik, in an email both confirming the reports about the development of the lens and explaining those involved in the project.

Captured with the Biotar 75mm

The Oprema Jena brand is owned by net SE, the company behind Myer Optic, but the two companies are operated separately. Oprema Jena is also more of a co-op of multiple players, including former Leica lens engineer Andre de Winter, net SE, and Kenko-Tokina. Their first project is the Biotar 75mm F1.5, but they are also looking to bring back other legendary lenses of the past as well.

The original Biotar 75mm F1.5 was produced in small quantities from 1938 to 1960, and was originally designed by Willy Merte and Carl Zeiss (yes, THAT Carl Zeiss). Much like the incredible bokeh that the Myer Optik trioplan lenses, the Biotar was also known for its unique swirly Bokeh and extreme center sharpness.

Mirroring their Myer Optik success though, net SE and the Oprema Jena brand have decided to take their project to Kickstarter, and in the few days it has been live, the project has already more than quadrupled their $75,000 goal and as of this writing are well over $330,000 in support. So it can be relatively well assumed that this lens will be making its way to the masses in no time.

You can get all the details as well as support the project on your own by heading on over to the Kickstarter Campaign page.

Anthony Thurston

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