Re-Constructed Food Pokes Fun at Food Photography Trends

All images by Greg Stroube. Used with a Creative Commons Permission.

Photographer Greg Stroube wanted to do something a bit creative, and so his Re-Constructed food photography series pokes fun at the deconstructed food trend. You see, this is a trend where photos pretty much just show off the ingredients that make up a larger, more complete meal. You’ve probably seen it all over the place as they’re sometimes pivotal to recipe photography and videos. So what Greg does is take the cooked food and tries to put it all back together again after each piece has been separated and cut.

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The snark comes through very well especially with vegetables. I mean, just think about how difficult it would be to try to put a tomato back together. Crazy, right? Imagine cutting it up into slices, then cubing it and sticking all those pieces back together. The same goes for carrots and other foods.

Of course, this was all carefully planned. This is evident not only in the very meticulous and beautiful lighting used but also in the meals chosen. There’s only so much that you can do with an eggplant or something like it before it no longer resembles the original. Then you have to consider the colors and how to make some colors stand out well against others while also crafting something that looks like it would be traditional food photography.

In the end, you get Greg’s piece which is pretty brilliant. Though if you didn’t know a whole lot about food and cooking, you may think the images are a serious meal designed to make you hungry.

More of Greg’s photos are below:

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Be sure to check out the rest of Greg’s Re-Constructed food series over at Behance where he also shares some behind the scenes images.

Chris Gampat

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