The New Leica M Monochrom Limited Edition Jim Marshall Set Looks Like Someone Just Wore Away at the Brass

If you’re a Leica camera fan, then you’re bound to understand the mentality behind the new Leica M Monochrom Limited Edition Jim Marshall Set. Certain Leicas, such as the Leica M6, had black paint on them. And as time went on, the paint wore away as the camera got more and more use. This was and always has been a badge of honor for various photographers as it means that they’ve been shooting with their Leica for a really long time. So with the new Leica M Monochrom Limited Edition Jim Marshall Set, the paint seems to be inspired by this little fact of a Leica photographers’ life.

Oh yeah, and it’s an ode to the great music photographer, of course.

The set is an obvious collaboration between Leica and the Jim Marshall foundation limited up to 50 sets and that have a special “Laiton” finish that more or less should have just been plain old brass.

Now if you thought that’s all Leica is bringing out, they’re also throwing a gallery event around all this. According to the press release:

Visit Leica Gallery LA to view Jim Marshall’s JAZZ FESTIVAL exhibition at the Leica Gallery LA, on view June 15th through July 31.

Join us on June 15th at the Leica Gallery LA from 5PM-6PM for a guest lecture and book signing with Amelia Davis, owner of Jim Marshall’s archive of photography, followed by the opening reception of Jim Marshall’s JAZZ FESTIVAL exhibition. 

You can RSVP to the events on their website.

Now to more about the camera. Well it’s just a special edition of the Leica M Monochrom. So that means there is no color filter and that you’re going to get some incredibly sharp photos when used with Leica and M mount glass. So inside, it’s all pretty much the same as any Leica M Monochrom and you should know that, no matter what, Johnny Cash won’t rise from the dead to give you one of those iconic shots every concert photographer craves.

Still though, I wonder why they didn’t just take a camera and rub away the finish a bit.


Chris Gampat

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