PhotoShelter and Feature Shoot Team Up for a Guide to Instagram Hashtags

If you’ve ever been curious about what hashtags are best for you as a photographer then you’re in luck because there’s a brand new guide out about them. PhotoShelter teamed up with Feature Shoot recently to do a special guide to hashtags for photographers and breaks it down into a variety of different genres.

The guide focuses on Travel, Portraits, Black and White, Street, Architecture, Minimalism, Documentary, Landscape, Film, Fine Arts, Drone/Aerial photography. Let’s be honest, that pretty much covers everything with the exception of photojournalism and wedding photography.

This has been a pretty serious problem for photographers for a long time. Part of it has to do with the way people try to hack hashtags, and part of it also has to do with the fact that there are just so many photographers striving to try to gain more followers. The guide should be able to help, but expect all of those tags to perhaps become a bit more polluted.

You can download the guide after you sign up for Feature Shoot’s newsletter.