Laine Ellison’s MILK Portraiture Draws Inspiration from 70’s Disco Era Luxury

All images by Laine Ellison. Used with permission.

“I got into photography by originally (shooting) landscapes wherever I traveled, but never did anything serious with them because I felt as though it wasn’t my niche.” explains photographer Laine Ellison in an email to the Phoblographer. O’ne day a friend and I decided to go out and shoot around with some portraits and that’s when I truly became passionate about photography.” Like a lot of other photographers out there, this was only the beginning. Laine truly was and still is inspired by the creation process involved with portrait photography. A lot of this is evident in her particular style which she states draws influence from the 70’s luxury and extravagance.

The glitz. The Glam–it’s all there.

According to Laine:

To capture and wrap someone’s true essence in a moment captivates me. The enthralling feeling of (despite how cliche) capturing a moment in time of a person is like no other- which motivates me to continue to pursue excellence in this field.

Laine does all this portraiture with some pretty simple gear. She uses a Nikon D5200, 55mm lens, reflector and herself. She draws influence from both Terry Richardson and Ford Yates. “I feel as though my photos give a perspective a viewer typically wouldn’t see, an era that’s passed that is returning to popularity again.” says Laine. “The MILK series shows vulnerability and raw emotions, this project speaks volumes to me because it came about on a whim and truly shows how creative you can get, and that any idea is worth a try.”

Indeed, this style has started to become really popular again with the use of Neon lights in a lot of images on top of the wardrobe and so much more. These days, it isn’t really about contrasting beauty against some crazy, gritty background. But instead, it’s about glamour with just a bit of sketchiness.

For more of Laine’s images, be sure to check out her website.

Chris Gampat

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