Andreas Levers Captures Surreal Dolomites Landscapes

All images by Andreas Levers. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

In our previous feature article of Andreas Levers, he showcased a series of surreal conceptual images that looked alien and out of this world. Andreas continues with his surreal theme of images, this time capturing breathtaking mountain landscapes of the Dolomites.

The photo series titled “Südtirol” refers to South Tyrol, a northern Italian province which shares the mountain ranges of the Dolomites with two other provinces, Belluno and Trentino. Due to the natural geological limestone structure, the mountainous formation creates undulating peaks with unique features. Hence the Dolomites were declared as a UNESCO World Hermitage Site.

Andreas showcased his landscape photography skills by capturing the Dolomites from the South Tyrol province with varying compositions. Andreas took the effort to move around to several locations to shoot, resulting in a wide range of views and perspectives. He also utilized available landmarks and natural features as foreground in his framing. For example, he blended the mountains with a serene looking lake in several images, and placed rolled-up dry grass rolls as foreground in another image. By doing so, Andreas successfully added layers and a sense of depth to his landscape shots. Although the weather was gloomy and overcast on the day of shoot, he took advantage of the moody atmosphere to create surreal and dream-like scenery. This was further emphasized by the presence of mist partially shrouding the visibility of the mountain peaks. Consequently, he managed to produce not just beautiful landscape images but they also have mysterious and eerie tones.

You may find out more about Andreas Levers and his photography at his own website here.