Two Brothers Plan To Document Stories From The US And Mexico Border

Documentary Photography is effective in visually chronicling and telling stories of significant events, topics, or real life reportage. In that spirit, two brothers, Yonathan and Jordan Moya, announced their plan to embark on an adventurous photography project to share the images and stories from the US and Mexico border. They have also started a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project.

This photography project is titled “Border Perspective” and takes them along the US and Mexico border for 9 days, starting in early March this year. The Moya brothers will embark on a road trip covering an estimated 2,000 mile stretch through the southern border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

The motivation to undertake this documentary project stemmed from the challenge of a lack of dialogue on the lives surrounding the US and Mexico border. Yonathan lamented that while the President Trump has signed an executive order to erect “the wall” at the border, most of the debates and discussions were made by people who have neither visited the border regions nor interacted with anyone who grew up there. Therefore, the main purpose the Moya brothers have for this project is to gain and share a fuller perspective on what the border is really like.

Yonathan explained, “We have no agenda – only to document life on the border and learn by listening to the perspectives of the people who live there. As we take part in different dialogues, we want to have a fuller understanding of a place that we call home and share this knowledge with others.”

An interesting fact: both Yonathan and Jordan Moya grew up on the border. They intend to share their journey, experience, and photographs through their Instagram account during the 9 days adventure. You may follow their updates on Border Perspective at the official Kickstarter page here.