RL Handcrafts’ Quickdraw Flash Pouch is a Fancy Leather Flash Holder

When it comes to enjoying photography as a lifestyle, accessorizing and fashion have become an integral part and more manufacturers are coming up with stylish products to match photography gear. While most attention is given to cameras and lenses, there are not many storage accessories available for external flashes. We found this newly launched Quickdraw Flash Pouch by RL Handcrafts to be particularly beautiful in design, yet highly functional at the same time.


The Quickdraw Flash Pouch is designed specifically to store external flash units and can be carried separately with a shoulder strap attached, or via the belt-loop attachment. Based on the product descriptions on their page, the inspiration to make this product stemmed from the constant need of the photographer to quickly access their flash yet no readily available solution was available. The Quickdraw Flash Pouch is made of handcrafted and stitched genuine leather with three color options: tan, coffee, and black to match your existing camera bag or straps. The size of the pouch can comfortably fit a Canon Speedlight 580 EX or Nikon SB5000 series of flashes. This product is also fully made in the USA.


We believe any gear or accessories should not sacrifice functionality over good looks. One of the most important features for any photography gear storage is the ability for quick access. Having a separate pouch for an external flash unit can also free precious space from the camera bag to store another lens, or other useful accessories.

For more information about the RL Handcrafts Quickdraw Flash Pouch, you may visit their official product page here.