Marissa Alden’s Beautiful Fashion Portraiture Work

All images by Marissa Alden. Used with permission. 

Fashion photography requires an abundant flowing of fresh ideas and inspiration to create unique and creative results. Marrisa Alden is a passionate photographer based in Melbourne, Australia who ventured into the world of fashion and portraiture after high school.

Marissa told us she started photography at the tender age of 15 when she took photo journalism as a class at school. She then moved on to exploring landscape and surrealism photography which have become a part of her school portfolio. Upon graduation, she delved into fashion and beauty photography and has never looked back since. She fell in love with the creative side of fashion which allowed her to combine her interests in art, styling, beauty, photography, and design. After all, fashion photography is all about pulling the elements of the clothes and the beauty of the model and the scene together. 

Driven by her passion to shoot and express new ideas, fashion photography was the outlet for her creative expressions. Marissa’s work has been published in Freedom Magazine, Boredom Magazine, and Lucy’s Magazine, as well as exhibited in New York and Paris. Marissa shoots with Nikon system and her focal length of choice is 50mm, which she uses for most of her fashion photography work. For studio fashion shoots, she works with a Bowens lighting kit with either a softbox or beauty dish as modifiers to create the lighting effect that she wants in her portraits. Marissa was inspired and influenced by Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon, and Alexi Lubomirski.

Marissa actively showcases her new fashion photography work and shares her tips for fashion and beauty shoots in her blog here.